So the 2nd Denver Triathlon is 10 weeks from yesterday.  I'm liking the fact that it's been moved up to June 10th, the timing is such that this is now one of my "A" races for the summer.  Even better, I found a great 10 week Olympic training plan to use.  The fact that I've only got a few 10K's and a 1/2 Marathon in May mean that all my energy and focus on tri training will be for Denver Triathlon specifically!  I've got other races later in the summer (Ironman Racine, Chicago Triathlon, and Chicago Marathon), but it's nice to have no conflicts with my "A" race.

This week involves big time ramping up after a winter maintenance plan.  I've got about 700 training minutes this week, with two strength sessions.  Next week will be even more epic- 900 minutes plus two strength sessions.  The seasonal timing is perfect, too.  The weather is springlike, making those long bike rides fun.  I'm going to re-acquaint myself with the track after a long winter stuck on the treadmill.  I averaged about 400 minutes of training over the winter, so this body is due for a little shock for the month of April.  I started out the plan yesterday with a 100 100's swim set.  10,000 yards in the pool was a great way to get the "official" training season started!!!

Looking forward to getting 'er done over the next few months!

Matt Gilmartin

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