Here at the Denver Triathlon we are proud of our brand ambassadors and what they represent, which is of course the multi-sport lifestyle! We have twenty ambassadors from all different walks of triathlon life and with the enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon, we have all decided to give them a bigger voice within the race. Starting here with the new Bran Ambassador Blog. 

Here we will share posts, thoughts, race experiences and much more from our team of athletes. We hope that you will join us on this new blog and please feel free to share your comments with us as this new medium takes shape on our website! 

- Race Director, Chris Laskey
Matt Gilmartin
3/23/2012 02:03:26 am

Great idea, Chris! Looking forward to everyone's insight!

3/23/2012 04:17:12 am

Superb! I'm getting on it.


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