Everyone that knows me is pretty much aware of the fact I tend to go a little crazy with hobbies and interest. It is just part of my personality.  I even take weight loss to extremes and this past week I might have taken my race plans too far.

Like a lot of people, my first experience with triathlon was on TV and the coverage of the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. No surprise that it would be a dream to race there, but the qualifying bit sounds a bit hard and the lottery probably harder (with my luck). So it really got me thinking when Ironman announced the Kona Inspired contest. 8 people will be chosen to race in Kona this year based on their story and how they exemplify the Anything is Possible mantra.

I entered. It is a little crazy and possibly a long shot, but I definitely personify the Anything is Possible mantra and have the history to prove it. If you you'd like to see my Kona Inspired Entry you can click here. I won't mind at all if you vote for me too, that would actually be pretty swell.

This morning I did a little follow up video, which I hope to do fairly often to document my season and training where I talk a little bit about the Kona Inspired entry, Denver Triathlon, and Hurting.

If you didn't click the links above already I'll just tell you -
Over the last few years I've lost almost 200 pounds. I am nearly half the size I was just a few years ago.  My first triathlon seemed like a nearly impossible long shot of a dream when I decided I wanted to do one. At the time I had no idea how addicted to the sport I would become, but now it has helped take my weight, health, and fitness goals to entirely new heights.

I am very passionate about health, and now more than ever weight loss. Obesity is a big problem - 2/3rds of all adults are over weight and it is the second leading cause of death in the US. We are essentially digging our own graves with a fork.  For the majority of the overweight and morbidly obese people the idea of getting to a healthy weight seems impossible, just as impossible as the first sprint tri, and effeminately just as impossible as completing the Kona Ironman.

Obviously, I'm of the opinion that it is entirely possible, and I could go on and on about how it is not only possible but how one can do it. In fact I've already wrote a book on the subject. (It's free and available on line).  An Ironman race is in my sights, but it would be a a great season to start off with the Denver Triathlon right here in Denver  June 10th and finish in Kona Hawaii at the Ironman world championships in October.

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